Friday, April 16, 2021

Kevin and Dug

 I found a snipe!

And more importantly, my snipe found a Dug! You can't see in this picture, but I used a baby toothbrush to texture Dug's tongue. It was weirdly satisfying!

If you lay Kevin on his back so that Dug is sitting up, it kind of looks like he is riding a Kevin-shaped swan pedal boat!

Also, I spend quite a lot of time watching clay sculpture videos despite the fact that I am rubbish with fimo. I had a little bit of white left from making Kevin's claws so I made a tiny dragon who just wants to play ball with you. He's... far from perfect but still kinda cute. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Captain Ferret saves the day!

 There once was a very creative and imaginative little boy called George. George told his parents all about this superhero he knew called Captain Ferret. Captain Ferret had a full complement of ferrets that lived in his trousers and together they fought crime.

I feel that Captain Ferret and his 26 ferrety sidekicks need to be better known as they are way superior to the other superheroes, with the possible exception of Squirrel Girl. So I made a book about him. (Although there are only 15 ferrets in the book. The others were shy. Or I was protecting my sanity)

[7am, alarm goes off] bzzz bzzz
Big stretch and now it is time to get out of bed and start another busy day of ferreting and busting crime

Time to get dressed. You can't catch bag snatchers in your jim jams! 

Now where are all those sleepy ferrets hiding?
(By the way the oven is not on, oven-ferret is entirely safe) 

There they are!

So I made these ferrets out of shrinky dink and I ... forgot just how much shrinky dink shrinks! That's why it looks like these tiny ferrets are all feeding at such a massive bowl!

At this point Wilfred decided I wasn't paying him enough attention so we paused the ferret feeding frenzy for a bit.

Those ferrets worked up an appetite chasing the puppy away!

Oh no, someone is in trouble, time to call Captain Ferret!
(I'm really proud of this page by the way)

And this is why all criminals and bad guys fear Captain Ferret and his 26 ferrety sidekicks. Those claws are *sharp*!

At this point in the book-making process I lost my erasable fabric pen to mark the text that I was going to embroider, which is why the writing at the top is... sub optimal. 

Captain Ferret finger puppet, complete with his sword of justice.

Aaand here's Captain Ferret's shield. Which has not really featured in the book until now.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

A Christmas tiger and a little frog

 I got a request for a tiger poking his head through a small hole in the wall for a Christmas present from mother hen.

While it is far from perfect I'm still pretty happy with how he turned out, especially considering how much harder it is to felt with a puppy around - no more sitting on the sofa comfortably surrounded by billows of colourful fluff for me!

He's life sized

"Hello, I just popped by to see how you're doing!"

There is a LOT of stuffing in this fella by the way!

And while you are here, here's a iddy biddy frog I made for absolutely no reason back in the summer.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Bob the bee

 I made this little fella. When I was referring to him as a he, Dan pointed out that male bees die in winter. But I explained that Bob was a favourite of the Queen's so she made him winter gear to keep him warm and alive. 

That's why he always looks like such a fun bee to be around. Because the moment he stops amusing the Queen she has no more use for him. Oh, that turned dark!

Iddy biddy little bee stinger.