Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Star Trek mat thingy

So as well as making things most of my time this week has been taken up with doing up the house. My guest wing is almost unrecognisable, I'm so pleased with it! This thing ticks both house and craft boxes. A quilted craft mat!

 Yes, I know I know, the mixing of TNG and TOS bothered me a little as well, but I wanted to make this and TOS fabric was all I had on hand. I think I will come to terms with it over time.
If you flip it over it can be used as a heat resistant mat for my adorable little craft iron.

And when not in use just velcro on your lovely new craft cabinet. Honestly I can not say how much I love my new craft cabinet. I'm never leaving the guest wing again!
Eagle eyed among you may notice it isn't a true square, that's because I followed the lines  and they slant a little to give that authentic 70s look.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Skiing snowman

This fella is just zooming down the slopes

Ear muffs are of course essential. He feels a bit naked without his top hat but was worried he would lose it.
(Also, photo taken in newly painted bathroom, because I also felt the need to redcorate three rooms in my house simultaneously!)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fairy mushroom house lamp

I have spent hours trying to get a good picture of this, these are the best I could manage, but they really don't do this lamp justice.

Here it is by the daylight. This was actually rather easy to make and kinda fun, so I'll be making another one. This one was a bit of a learning curve (main problem is that it is too cramped) but I don't think it turned out too bad.

Upskirt shot of the mushroom house gills, I put quite a lot of detail on them which was a bit of a waste of time really. The cap is fimo and the gills are translucent fimo.

 I coloured the mushroom stalk by brushing on some brown crayon.

House proud bunny

This little old bunny just realised that her warren would look so much more cosy with a home sweet home embroidery.

Her "home sweet home" is a little wobbly but it is hard to embroider  when you don't have opposable thumbs

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cautious duck

We are just chilling, waiting for the bath to fill. She's a bit nervous about water.

This is not the prelude to the marvelous Garfunkel and Oates Sex with Ducks video. Honest .

Kitty lamp

Remember yesterday when I wet felted a bunny and stuffed it? I used that technique to make a kitty lamp!

To give it a little bit of rigidity I sprayed him with a watered down PVA.

Obviously I focused on shaping the front a lot more than the back.

And here he is lit up

And, not a new thing I made, but while organising my craft room I found my old Manic Miner curtain from the brothel. I have a stupid under stair cupboard where the shelf stops about a foot before the  cupboard does

Doesn't fit perfectly but pretty damn close. It is only temporary, so I can remove it if I come up with a better solution 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Felting two ways (baby dragon and bunny)

This little guy is all ready for bed.

Please note: if your dragonling catches a cold, it is important that you separate him or her from their teddy bear, as their sneezes may catch fire. This guy's alright though.

Waiting up for the parents. 

Okay, so the above was my usual method of felting, needle felting. Below, is something I made by wet felting. Pay attention to this as it will become relevant tomorrow. You lay wool on either side of a piece of plastic shaped - in this case - like a bunny. Agitating the wool with hot soapy water causes it to felt on both sides, you then remove the plastic and stuff your 2D bunny, to give it shape. Add arms and other embellishments with your trusty needle. This method calls for patience and lots of arm muscles.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ghibli accents

Little Calcifer plushie

 May all your bacon burn!

I realised that due to the light/window placement this corner is permanently in shadows. Perhaps that is why some susuwataris have gathered there.

The one on the right looks sad, perhaps because he has only one candy.

I had a little vial that I was going to throw out, but I caught this little fella so I bottled him up and gave him to a work colleague (I rethought the tiny one on top and removed it.) Also, I made pompoms on the tines of a fork, teeny pompoms!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Undertale Sans socks plush

* If you cross me you will have a really bad time
* I'm just saying
* Well I'll see you later
* Have fun, kiddo

This is a passive-aggressive protagonist in the awesome awesome game Undertale. Seriously, go play it. I'm going to have restart it for the third time soon, because last time I spent all of my money on a Rusty Useless Key and it turned out to be useless and now I can't buy food.

He has poseable arms. Also, somehow I managed to break the zip so that it zips down instead of up. Huh.
Nekkid Sans.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Things I've made before

I made another birthdaybot, and another penguin-bunny.
I also still suck at taking photos.

You can tell the birthday boy is just delighted.

This was a gift for a long suffering colleague who has to deal with the rabbit-obssessed editor I mention from time to time. Colleague loves penguins so this is her spirit animal metaphorically wearing Thumper's hide victoriously as an acknowledgement that while CUP may be a bit wobbly in China, we remain ethically copacetic in the Arctic realm.  

Also, this is the first one of these I have made but Edna has featured in a few videos now. (you may have to push play a couple of times, and make sure to unmute!)