Sunday, February 17, 2019

Commissioned coffee monster

I forgot to post this guy. After the craft fair the lady who bought Original Coffee Monster commissioned me, with increasingly specific requests and an ever shortening due date, to make another one for her friend.

He was to be orange, with a purple coffee mug. Oh and skull slippers, please!

Here he is, warming his tentacles on that first fresh brew of the day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Eight, the Borgtopus

So, I was happily making a cute octopus in a leather gimp suit and Dan assimilated him.

He has some serious hardware on him, he's quite a heavy little squid drone.

Borg eye!

Back of his head (body?) with all the gnarly wires going into his cephalopoddy noggin

The green light in the photos was inspired, no?

We have called him Eight, after Voyager's Seven (of Nine)

Two of his borg-transplant tentacles. (Some of those tentacle transplants are titanium!)

The discussion has raged on for a while here as to whether the Borg would really bother assimilating octopodes. The unanimous conclusion was: "yes, yes they would".

Monday, December 31, 2018

Fairy on a pixie on a box

This little pixie was just sitting there, minding her own business when a fairy landed on her!

This box was a present I made a while ago but couldn't post until the recipient had received it.
Look at the fairy's little nubbin nose!

I made fairy wings from shrinky dink! That stuff is super cool, and it is really exhilarating for the three minutes that it is in the oven.

Bonus picture! I found this one of all of the craft fair peeps waiting for their new homes.
I miss Princess Sparkletoes :-(

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gnome wine toppers

These were done for the craft fair but the poor guys never got their chance to shine in the bloggy limelight.

This dude has a funky beard.

The colours! So purdy!

A more traditional gnome, he chose to grow old gracefully and leave his beard white.

Little button nose :-)

And missus gnome. She likes the white wine better.

I should add that these photos were taken over a few days, I didn't drink all the red and white in one day!