Saturday, December 30, 2017

A lamp and a window

So, my craft unit came packaged with loads of really sturdy v-shaped cardboard to protect the edges. Seemed a shame to throw them away (hoarder-alert!), so naturally I made a mario lampshade for my box room.

 It is not perfect but that's okay, the whole project cost me £1.10 (for a sheet of black felt). And the joy of having a mario lampshade in the room might even make me consider sorting out the massive shelves of fabric in there. (Probably not.)

Also, stained glass window as requested by my parents!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dragon and Chanel

So a lady found my blog and the dragon neck warmer that I made, and she linked through to my etsy page and contacted me to commission a dragon draught excluder.

I was so excited that I had had my first real commission that I was all "yeah, I can do it in a week!" and further; "yeah, that'll be £10!" I suspect that the stuffing itself was probably £10, but hey I don't do it for the profit!

Little wingsies

 So, also, I got a colleague in Secret Santa that I don't know that much about. When I asked friends what I should get her I was told gin and anything Coco Chanel. So, in a week that was very taken up with a dog named Chanel, I quickly whipped up this Chanel bag. You can't see, but the flap is quilted just like the real CC bags. Oh, the effort and time that went into this bag was... all of about 25 minutes!

I wanted to make it very very obviously not pretending to be a real Chanel bag, so I hot glued and then spray painted two bits of string to make the logo.

And yeah, actually, this is a crappy present, but really it was just an amusing wrapping for the two mini bottles of gin inside. I don't know if the colleague didn't get my humour but she was pretty unimpressed with the bag. I mean, seriously! I even printed off a certificate of authenticity from a photo online. That's commitment! Seriously, if I wasn't me, I'd love to get me as a secret santa recipient!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mouse house

I made a little something for myself to add a bit of character to my lovely (but slightly lacking in personality) new living room. He's so happy in his little mouse hole.

It's kinda subtle at least!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Warm owl

With her scarf and a pair of purple wellies this little girl is up for any adventure. I bet her day is going to be a hoot!
I knitted the scarf myself. Hardest damn thing ever!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cherub mouse

Look! How ridiculously over the top is this little chap?

His happy little face as he brings you love

The wire in the tail keeps him standing up, despite having teeny tiny little feet. (The same applied to the fox from the other day.)

Bunny riding an alpaca

I made an alpaca on the train to Norwich (and yes, I have removed all the bloody wool!) And then I thought, it is just an alpaca, that's quite boring. So:

Bunny riding an alpaca!

I don't want to be allamaist but I think this may be a sign of the coming alpacalypse.
Incidentally, I learned the difference between a llama and an alpaca, apparently it is all in the ears and body length.

Teeny bunny. They prefer driving alpacas better than daleks.

Happy sheep

I'm working on a little mouse which requires a certain amount of precision to get the details right. So the other evening after I'd had a glass of wine I thought best not attempt to put a teeny little nose on mousie in case I balls up. But I didn't waste my evening, I made a little happy sheep which it is almost impossible to balls up even with the drunkest of felting (NB: if you *are* going to drunk felt be very careful of fingers. I learned this the hard way last night after a marvelous day out in Norwich!)

I worry his mouth looks a bit too much like a mustache.

All the colours!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Busy fox

This guy is rushing somewhere. Possibly evening class. I bet that bag is filled with books

I'm too polite to ask to look in there though.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lagomorphic dalek

Remember a couple of years ago I made a mouse controlled dalek? I considered making another one for this craft fair but I get bored making the same thing twice so: bunny controlled dalek.

How adorbz is this guy? Incidentally, sometimes it isn't easy to see defects when you are looking closely at something all the time, and I see things in blog photos that I am not happy with. His dalek dome/dome nobbles need adjusting.

There's that whisk in action.

Hug Monster

Hugz please!

I don't know what this goofy fella is (or even *why* he is) but by the looks of him I think he found something you said funny.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Scary monster

This guy is super-excited about the craft fair next week, he's hoping to find his forever home.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Biggles penguin

I'm doing a craft fair at the end of the month so I'd better get a-making!

I made him at the beginning of the week, and it has taken ages to do the scarf, I sewed it inside out and then tried to turn it which took hours of teasing it with tweezers. Really not worth the effort!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Woodland Waldorf doll

A lot of people get freaked out by waldorf dolls (a method of doll making by sculpting the face and then putting a pink 'stocking' of material over it). They can look pretty evil-twee.
But I thought I would give it a go. Making the head is kinda fun actually. 

Don't you hate it when you get hood-hair.

I'm not terribly good at making doll clothes.

Little booties!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Star Trek mat thingy

So as well as making things most of my time this week has been taken up with doing up the house. My guest wing is almost unrecognisable, I'm so pleased with it! This thing ticks both house and craft boxes. A quilted craft mat!

 Yes, I know I know, the mixing of TNG and TOS bothered me a little as well, but I wanted to make this and TOS fabric was all I had on hand. I think I will come to terms with it over time.
If you flip it over it can be used as a heat resistant mat for my adorable little craft iron.

And when not in use just velcro on your lovely new craft cabinet. Honestly I can not say how much I love my new craft cabinet. I'm never leaving the guest wing again!
Eagle eyed among you may notice it isn't a true square, that's because I followed the lines  and they slant a little to give that authentic 70s look.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Skiing snowman

This fella is just zooming down the slopes

Ear muffs are of course essential. He feels a bit naked without his top hat but was worried he would lose it.
(Also, photo taken in newly painted bathroom, because I also felt the need to redcorate three rooms in my house simultaneously!)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fairy mushroom house lamp

I have spent hours trying to get a good picture of this, these are the best I could manage, but they really don't do this lamp justice.

Here it is by the daylight. This was actually rather easy to make and kinda fun, so I'll be making another one. This one was a bit of a learning curve (main problem is that it is too cramped) but I don't think it turned out too bad.

Upskirt shot of the mushroom house gills, I put quite a lot of detail on them which was a bit of a waste of time really. The cap is fimo and the gills are translucent fimo.

 I coloured the mushroom stalk by brushing on some brown crayon.

House proud bunny

This little old bunny just realised that her warren would look so much more cosy with a home sweet home embroidery.

Her "home sweet home" is a little wobbly but it is hard to embroider  when you don't have opposable thumbs

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cautious duck

We are just chilling, waiting for the bath to fill. She's a bit nervous about water.

This is not the prelude to the marvelous Garfunkel and Oates Sex with Ducks video. Honest .

Kitty lamp

Remember yesterday when I wet felted a bunny and stuffed it? I used that technique to make a kitty lamp!

To give it a little bit of rigidity I sprayed him with a watered down PVA.

Obviously I focused on shaping the front a lot more than the back.

And here he is lit up

And, not a new thing I made, but while organising my craft room I found my old Manic Miner curtain from the brothel. I have a stupid under stair cupboard where the shelf stops about a foot before the  cupboard does

Doesn't fit perfectly but pretty damn close. It is only temporary, so I can remove it if I come up with a better solution