Monday, September 24, 2018

Monument Valley crows and moose-yeti thing

Our living room door kept slamming shut in the breeze this summer so I made a door stop. Of course now all the hatches are battened down for the winter so there are no more unexpected gusts just as I finished making it. Still it is pretty cool and Dan caws at it every time he passes.

This is one of the crows that make Ida's life slightly inconvenient in Monument Valley.

Front on. The base was a box that a watch came in years ago, I filled it with cement and Dan modge podged origami paper on the outside.

Also, while on holiday I made a nonchalant-looking moose that is more yeti-like than moose. He's teeny tiny at about 6 cm tall.

Head slightly tilted pondering the big camera being pointed at him. He doesn't have a nose, and he feels pretty self conscious about it so please don't mention it to him.

(Photos by Dan. You can tell they aren't me as there isn't yoghurt smeared on the lens)