Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Up house mobile

I seem to be the only person who has thought about making a mobile of the Up house, which I really can't understand.

I got half way through making a felt house and then decided I could get more details on a fimo house. Not sure I made the right decision, but they seemed happy anyway.

 It is on a bit of a slant in this picture.
 I had a lot of fun needle felting the balloons.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Breaking Bad, MLP and an ewok

I had the best Christmas this year. My brother flew over from America for 24 hours to surprise my parents. This is why I have been making presents for my nieces and nephew.

Well, here's the last of them. And by the way, the title of this post made me wonder if there was a MLP/BB crossover and yes, of course there is

Rarity. Her mane wasn't great, but I've really had a busy couple of months and I ran out of time to remake her. Next time I should probably use a pattern.


I thought they only had a cutie mark on one side, but that apparently is only the old style toys. So I suppose it would make sense that I would think that, as I used to have ponies when I was young.

Her head is slightly lop sided

An overly 'cute' ewok for the littlest niece. I think his ears may have turned out a little on the large side.
 And just so, when my brother showed up I could say to my parents "you didn't even bring your son a present after he travelled all this way?" a Walter White plushie for Alan.
Only one more present left to show you and then we are all done for Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bioshock songbird

Another Christmas present for someone who won't see it. This one is for a young gamer who likes Bioshock.  It is a fimo songbird - here's a picture of the bird in the game* for reference if you want to know what it looks like
Never did get the hang of Bioshock. Didn't help that I kept shooting at my health bar...

* To be more precise I styled it on the plush toys that are sold in the game that are modelled on the songbird.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Harry Potter Plush (And Eric Northman!)

I made this little fella last month and was holding off posting pictures until I'd given him to the recipient. But I don't think he checks my blog. (So if you are seeing this it probably isn't for you.) And I've got so many things that I am making I wanted to start posting them now

Discovering how to do eyes was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Also, bonus - Eric Northman plush for a girl at work. I made this in October, but I didn't think it was worth posting as it didn't really look very Ericy, more generic blond vampirey. I did warn her that this would be the case as Eric doesn't have any distinguishing features/clothes, but it didn't stop her nagging me for him.

Castiel considers staking Eric

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas jumper

I can't believe it has been six weeks since I posted anything. Obviously November was rather busy with NaNoWriMo and since then I have been recovering and making Christmas presents (because I am a cheapskate!)

Okay, so I whipped this up last week. It is a poor copy of this jumper but at least mine is technically correct (her jumper has the wampa's arm cut off, even though Luke hasn't got his lightsaber yet.)

Here's Luke. I just noticed his left glove is a bit large. I will fix that before I wear this out in public (that's the great thing about needle felting!)

My wampa went a bit wrong, he looks sad and possibly like he needs a wee, rather than ferocious. Oh well..

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pumpkins 2014

It's that time of year again - pumpkin round up time!
(See some old designs here and here)

Batman looking pensive. (There's plenty more after the jump!)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gerald the needle felted pumpkin

Here's a little something I've been working on.
 Never needle felted a face before and it seemed unlikely that I would be able to so I thought I'd do it into a pumpkin rather than make a whole person and then ruin it.

I'm happier with the bottom half of his face than the eyes/brows.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Supernatural Plushies

There are two things that I know for certain. One, Bert and Ernie are gay. Two, you are not gonna die a virgin. Not on my watch.
Dean and Castiel plushies! Dean needs his teeny necklace, but I don't have any fimo at the moment - he may get one later.

I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.
I totally messed up the bag under his left eye, but I'm not going to sweat it!

Sam: We should call Castiel.
Dean: Dude - on my car! He showed up naked, covered in bees.
I actually have two different brown felts - one for his hair and a darker shinier one for his jacket. I'm rather proud of that fact, even if it doesn't show up in the pictures.

So what, I'm Thelma and you're Louise and we're just gonna hold hands and drive off this cliff together?
Dean's jacket collar is up at the back, cos he's cool. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oliver Queen Arrow Plushie and a crown

I've been making things that I can't show you yet annoyingly, so although I was going to save this guy until the Arrow premiere I decided not to.

Oliver Queen!  Not sure why I made him look sad.
 Two things I am very happy about: his general body shape and his eyes. Look, I finally worked out how to do eyes! Two things I am less happy with: his hood which should have peaked upwards at the top and his mask. I was considering doing the mask the same way as the eyes but it has a smudged on look in the series so I thought using a marker would work. It just looks messy. Still... look at the eyes!

 Also, for anyone who didn't see it - I made a conker crown!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Castiel watches the bees (Supernatural embroidery)

Any Supernatural fans out there? I am now a third of the way through season 9 so hopefully I will be less obsessed once I am done. Until then... I was trying to decide between doing a 'freaking pie better be worth it' and a 'I've got a GED and a can-do attitude.' But instead, I did this little chibi Castiel. I based it on a picture I found on the internet but I couldn't find a source for it - sorry.

 Not sure I am totally happy with his eyes. I nailed the trench coat though, right?

I'm gonna need a bigger window. There's another 6 sitting on the floor. Anyone want an embroidery hoop?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Breaking Bad and Supernatural papercraft

These barely belong on my blog because I made them only in the sense of cutting out and glueing someone else's artistic offerings. But they are so damned cute! Firstly, we have the Breaking Bad crew. Sadly no Saul though.
 Look at his adorable little wheelchair and those slippers!
 If you turn Gus around you get the Gus-minator!

 The templates for the Breaking Bad guys are freely available from this website. Go check it out, the guy is awesome and has loads of templates for all sorts of fandoms. These were really easy to put together, all you need is a printer, a pair of scissors and some PVA glue. Slightly more difficult (but still pretty straight forward) were these Supernatural papercrafts. And aren't they just the cutest things ever? The templates if you want to give it a go, are here.

So, here's my secret shame - I am a Destiel shipper!

Here's a little Bobby, and look, Dean and Sam are holding hands! they are best buds. Look at Sam's massive forehead!

On another note, my phone camera takes really tall photos

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spike is English embroidery

That double whammy of Once More with Feeling followed straight off with Tabula Rasa - wow, you can't beat it, can you? (Unless it is with Our Mrs Reynolds followed by Jaynestown)

I really should stop making embroideries, but... it was raining over the weekend so I needed something to do with my hands to justify a mammoth Supernatural session.

Plus this one makes me giggle.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Guinea pig prison

So, the pigs have their own little lino-floored cubby area to play in now which is great, but I needed something to stop them from wandering off around the rest of the lounge when I wasn't around. Until now I have been using a bag that contains a tent I once bought with the intention of camping a lot. It did the job but just looked a bit messy.

 So I made a little barrier, nothing fancy. With it this way it looks like the pigs are telling me that I can't pass, rather than the other way around. Who knows, maybe I *am* the balrog.

It has multiple colours!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Firefly - still flying

Simon and Mal in the first episode of Firefly:
- Are you always this sentimental?
- I had a good day.
-You had the Alliance on you, criminals and savages... Half the people on the ship have been shot or wounded including yourself, and you're harboring known fugitives.
-Well, we're still flying.
-That's not much.
-It's enough.

This hoop is destined for someone going through a really hard time right now. I just wanted to remind him that some days you get to take down the alliance and play with kickass swords. And some days are not that good, but you are still flying, and - on those days - perhaps that is enough.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wonder Woman handbag

When I was unpacking I discovered this hideous pink bag with ruffles and diamantes on (I took pictures to show you but my phone seems to have gobbled them up). I have no idea why I had it and was going to throw it straight in the bin. But then curiosity as to how bags are made got the better of me and I ripped all the hideous pink material off.

This is the bag now!

Ooo check me out with my little handbag!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breaking Bad embroidery

I've graduated to using picture frames for my embroidery!

This is part of my bitch embroidery range, along with the OITNB one (okay, not really. Although if I were to do that, I could totally do a Breaking Bad "roll me further bitch" wheelchair for this scene.)