Monday, July 30, 2012

Ferret cake

A birthday cake for Lucy, with stout cake, baileys icing and green sprinkles to look like grass for the ferrets to play in. The one on the right kind of looks a bit snakelike now that I see it in a picture. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I was going to wait until I had more a collection before showing you these, but I've been sewing all day, I wanted something to put online!

Ice King from Adventure Time. Think his beard grew a bit too long, but nevermind. Now Princesses can get their own back and kidnap Ice King for once!

A susuwatari (soot sprite). In one hand, but not obvious, he is holding a little blue lucky star candy, which he loves. In the other hand, your key (there's a loop at the end of the arm.

Everybody's favourite plucky little robot.

With all of these I packed them really tight with scraps of material, which has given them a nice dense fob-feel to them rather than stuffing.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Minecraft Kindle and an axe

Happy birthday Matt!

Here's a creeper Kindle cover, but I'm not very happy with the writing - not all that straight.

And as a silly extra  I thought I'd make him a minecraft pickaxe. Except I worked out the dimensions and then promptly changed units, so instead of 2cm squares the pixels were 2inches. Resulting in a huge pickaxe. I'm going to try and sell it to him as a cuddle cushion.

I have to take this to Ely in an hour. I loved the idea of wrapping it in wrapping paper against all the contours, but seems like a bit too much effort. Either way, I think I am going to get some odd looks on the train unless I can find a bag big enough to shove it in.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Corpus Christi chronophage

Lest you didn't think this morning's Dalek planter was enough, here's more!

This is the reason I have been making silly things with clay the past weeks. James has been on at me to make a coke can chronophage for months now and while I suspect the little locust chap might not be something that translates well into the medium of cans, I figured I could give it a shot with clay. Rather pleased actually.

I think I needed to make the body a bit longer, it looks like he is arching his back, rather than stretching ever forward to the next second. Meh, just don't give me a million pounds then.

The  clock isn't very round, but it is more golden than it looks here, more like the second picture.

Mouth open, gulping at time

Pretty see through wings, with segmented abdomen.

Dalek herb planter

Not my original idea, nor my original joke (exGERMinate). But it does provide a handy pot of mint for the piggies to eat. In retrospect I think a short bushier herb would have been wiser. Still, the top part is removable so changing herbs if the mint dies is no difficulty.
I wasn't going for accuracy  obviously. Although now I come to think of it, I probably should paint the sink plunger black.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Elvis cake

The old favourite, cocoa and stout cake for Raj the corner shop chap. I originally made a 2D Elvis silhouette but dropped it last night at about 10.30. So, I quickly whipped up a batch of marshmallow fondant and made an imperfect li'l Elvis at about 1am this morning.
His face is a bit effeminate although he is sporting a hefty pair of sideburns.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tony the Fish

Been playing with clay and making some silly things after the slog of the last month. Obviously I'm not terribly good at it yet.

Tony the Fish, standing on a plinth of wood, being bemused by his feet. 
For those of you who don't know Tony is from this Tim Minchin sketch. It is funny and very clever.