Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poro-Snax plush from League of Legends

I have been making a few things this weekend but the others are not finished, or are waiting to be uploaded on a certain day. So for now, have this.

Imagine my excitement to find something else that needs white fur that *isn't* a wampa!
I don't have first hand knowledge of these little critters but the League of Legends wiki informs me that they are 'consumable items' (aaaw!) available in the howling abyss. And they stick their tongues out all of the time, so they probably have quite dry mouths.

By the way, I have an actual bona fide needle callous from this weekend, go me!

And if you like to have an idea of size..


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Romantic Klingon embroidery

In the klingon mating ritual he says jIH dok (my blood) and then she says maj dok (our blood) and then presumably clavicles are broken with gay abandon. The weapon at the bottom is a bat'leth. I'm getting all soppy in time for Valentine's day it would seem.

It isn't weird that I have the biggest crush on Worf, is it?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fluffy wampa earmuffs

I've nearly used up all my white fluff so no more wampas, I promise. Until then, wampa earmuffs!

I used to dream of making my own range of ear muffs. You'd have all different animals, for example a pig's head on one end and its tail on the other. You could have all the breeds of dogs for dog lovers. Or how about swords going through your head. Then there's food stuffs, and rude ones, you know, hamburgers and boobs. The possibilities are limitless. I was going to have my own website called

Sort of folded up.