Saturday, December 10, 2016

Geeky boudoir! (firefly bedroom)

So I bought my first house a year ago and it is very magnolia. I've been thinking about how to add my personal touch to it. Sitting on the train on the way back from ComicCon this year it hit my all of a sudden. Firefly boudoir!

Here's the main wall. That's the whole damn 'verse. The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that one of the planets is in slightly the wrong place. (Hint: it is Bellerophon.)
The grids are actually painted glow in the dark and are gorram awesome, but apparently either I or my camera is incapable of capturing this for you.

 Click through to see many more pictures of awesome!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Needle felted ladies

Gosh, I have been very lazy on my blog, haven't I? I have done a few things but haven't been able to post them for Christmassy reasons.

Here's the lantern I made for mum's 60th birthday. Tinkerbell is flying against the glass, trying to escape from Hook.

I got some rice lights, drilled a hole in the base  and threaded them through to the top leaving the batteries in a recess underneath. (I'm proud of that, most of my crafts don't use a drill!)

 Close up of her face before the entrapment

I also made the parents a hamper for Christmas, of jams and chutneys and whatnot. This here is a little orchid gnome that I added.

 She doesn't move much, a mushroom grew on her.
Pretty hair although I think she needs a trim. She is mounted on a seed marker so you can anchor her in the soil of the orchid pot.
That's all for now - more to follow later!