Sunday, February 15, 2015

Giles the needle felted gryphon

So, this is Giles. He is a young gryphon - you can tell because of all of the downy feathers still on his wings.

 His dad was a lion and his mum was an eagle. He had a difficult childhood.

 Pretty wings from behind.

 Fluffy! Glue and feathers don't mix at the best of times, it is even more fun if you add wine to the mix

Giles is currently gazing out of my window, yearning to fly off.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Someone asked me to make a Biggles plane for him, and I was intrigued by the idea because while it is hard to make a stuffed plane (floppy wings) it seemed impossible to make a stuffed plane with two sets of floppy wings, but with judicious use of bendy plastic I think I pulled it off!

 To make the goggles I made small circles out of plastic and glued felt around their brims. To get perfect circles I took the plastic into work and used a hole punch.
Colleague comes up to ask me a question while I, worried that I will lose the tiny circles, am carfully sticking them to a strip of sellotape.
"Hi, Emma, can I ask you a question?"
I look up, tongue sticking out in concentration "Yep"
She looks at me "Urm, you look busy, why don't I leave you for a bit?"
"If you could just give me a minute"
"Of course, you just come over when you have finished... doing that thing that you are doing."

 I used a cotter pin joint on the blades so they do actually turn around.