Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quick, Hawaii-ise my teddy bear!

[edited with the correct name, poor Percy was suffering an identity crisis!]
Need your corporate teddy bear made to look Hawaiian in an emergency? Who else would you go to?!

So, here we have the subject in need of a make over. First thing to go had to be that old tshirt. I mean, The Classical Association is a good association and everything, but having it blazoned on your chest is hardly a lady-bear magnet. I wanted to get Percy the bear in something a little more eye catching and less stuffy.

Percy the bear was rather shy without his clothes on.
Percy the bear is a little shorter than the majority of the people who wear Hawaii shirts - the pattern on most materials would have been too big - so I made my own.

And to complete the look, a Hawaiian lei, just to highlight Percy's fun side.

Just chilling, watching the Walking Dead, looking forward to his trip later this week.

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