Thursday, November 14, 2013

A round up of kindle and phone covers

I've offered to make a kindle/phone cover of the recipient's chosing for a charity raffle at work and it occurred to me that it might be useful to have a post with all the previous covers I have made to maybe give the lucky winner some ideas of what I can do. So, apologies for posting all old material but here goes.

I'll put the images after the break as there are a few of them.

Chewbacca kindle

Minecraft kindle

 Game of Thrones quote
 Lilo (or is it Stitch?)
 Despicable Me phone cover

No Face from Spirited Away
 Marx quote kindle
 A heavy metal phone front...
 ... and back

Sherlock kindle
 Star Trek red shirt
 And I doubt anyone will get this but what the hey, a Wil Wheaton wearing That clown jumper kindle

And I am looking forward to hopefully being given a challenge next Monday!

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