Monday, December 29, 2014

Breaking Bad, MLP and an ewok

I had the best Christmas this year. My brother flew over from America for 24 hours to surprise my parents. This is why I have been making presents for my nieces and nephew.

Well, here's the last of them. And by the way, the title of this post made me wonder if there was a MLP/BB crossover and yes, of course there is

Rarity. Her mane wasn't great, but I've really had a busy couple of months and I ran out of time to remake her. Next time I should probably use a pattern.


I thought they only had a cutie mark on one side, but that apparently is only the old style toys. So I suppose it would make sense that I would think that, as I used to have ponies when I was young.

Her head is slightly lop sided

An overly 'cute' ewok for the littlest niece. I think his ears may have turned out a little on the large side.
 And just so, when my brother showed up I could say to my parents "you didn't even bring your son a present after he travelled all this way?" a Walter White plushie for Alan.
Only one more present left to show you and then we are all done for Christmas!

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