Sunday, March 1, 2015

JourneyQuest's Silver Tom plush doll

Heading up the list of things I make that no one has ever heard of, here's my Silver Tom doll. Silver Tom is a Bard in a web series called Journey Quest. It is really good! There is Carrow, a cleric who has his God turn from him after he is turned into an undead thing ("there's zombies which are bodies with no souls, ghosts which are souls with no bodies, but what you have managed to create is a soul in an undead, rotting body. Well done.") There's a Rincewind-esque wizard who gets stuck with a talking sword, an orc with an identity crisis, oh and there's the world's most miserable gargoyle. And then, of course, there are the songsmiths. They are the chroniclers of all quests and adventures but much like presenters of nature programs they have to sneak around without affecting the outcome by so much as talking to the protagonists. Silver Tom is trying to poach a great epic from Wren, a journeyman who dresses like a drunken pixie
Here he is with his cape on.  
There's more after the break

Here's a clip of Tom getting dressed, so you have a frame of reference (from season 2 episode 3, Mewling Monkey Talk)
Dressing Silver Tom

 The hanging bits of ribbon by the way are the ties on his sleeves, will you see in the video that they are supposed to be dangling like that.
Here's some important information about the beret before you continue (also from S2E3)
Angling the beret

Without his potions

A close up of his bandolier of bardic potions, which can do everything from turning him invisible to making him understand orcish.

 I was pleased with his fringe

Anyway, the point is: go watch JourneyQuest! (here's the link one more time) I'll be here, cuddling my Silver Tom and possibly making a Rilk doll so I can 'ship them.

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