Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wedding birds

Okay, next time someone asks me to make something for their wedding, I may well say no. I have been paralysed with nerves about this for *months*. It wasn't that hard to do in reality, but I kept thinking "I can't make a wedding cake topper out of felt, it is so... rustic! This is someone's *wedding*!" So I have made this cockerel about 7 times, in felt, a variety of nice materials and wet felted (ah, the hours I spent felting feathers with chaffed palms) But on the plus side I really honed the shape each time. The kookaburra, in comparison, was made only about 5 times. And the heart, I worked out on the first try!

 The happy couple.

 My specs included: can the kookaburra have a veil if it doesn't look too silly? (Too silly is not in my vocabulary, as I am sure you can imagine if you have read my blog much) I thought, why should the kookaburra be the only one who gets to dress up, so he has a spiffing little bow tie.

Kookaburras are the largest member of the kingfisher family in the world and their beaks grow to 10 cms long

Tail feathers

 I (cockadoodle) do.
I actually gave her a little ruff of feathers around the neck which was quite hard to do considering the veil pretty much hides it. *I* know they are there though!

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