Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dragon and Chanel

So a lady found my blog and the dragon neck warmer that I made, and she linked through to my etsy page and contacted me to commission a dragon draught excluder.

I was so excited that I had had my first real commission that I was all "yeah, I can do it in a week!" and further; "yeah, that'll be £10!" I suspect that the stuffing itself was probably £10, but hey I don't do it for the profit!

Little wingsies

 So, also, I got a colleague in Secret Santa that I don't know that much about. When I asked friends what I should get her I was told gin and anything Coco Chanel. So, in a week that was very taken up with a dog named Chanel, I quickly whipped up this Chanel bag. You can't see, but the flap is quilted just like the real CC bags. Oh, the effort and time that went into this bag was... all of about 25 minutes!

I wanted to make it very very obviously not pretending to be a real Chanel bag, so I hot glued and then spray painted two bits of string to make the logo.

And yeah, actually, this is a crappy present, but really it was just an amusing wrapping for the two mini bottles of gin inside. I don't know if the colleague didn't get my humour but she was pretty unimpressed with the bag. I mean, seriously! I even printed off a certificate of authenticity from a photo online. That's commitment! Seriously, if I wasn't me, I'd love to get me as a secret santa recipient!

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