Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Corpus Christi chronophage

Lest you didn't think this morning's Dalek planter was enough, here's more!

This is the reason I have been making silly things with clay the past weeks. James has been on at me to make a coke can chronophage for months now and while I suspect the little locust chap might not be something that translates well into the medium of cans, I figured I could give it a shot with clay. Rather pleased actually.

I think I needed to make the body a bit longer, it looks like he is arching his back, rather than stretching ever forward to the next second. Meh, just don't give me a million pounds then.

The  clock isn't very round, but it is more golden than it looks here, more like the second picture.

Mouth open, gulping at time

Pretty see through wings, with segmented abdomen.

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