Saturday, January 19, 2013

A random selection of sewingy goodness

I said I would post something every day as I have lots of things, but stuff got on top of me. So have it all in one go.

First up Domokun, (or meatboy). He acts as a keyring, but has a secondary use holding a spare bag for you (I pulled it out a bit to show you but the bag does fit).

With what is now genuinely the last of the brown fluff, a little card holder. I do love my wookie crafts don't I?

 Using the idea from this instructable I made a couple of little pin cushions. The idea being using a bottle cap as a base. The one with the strap is supposed to be vaguely cupcake-like, thus the 'sprinkles' on the wrist strap.


It is actually pretty useful having a pin cushion on your wrist.
And finally, because I've not been in the best of moods this week - a party turtle! Because party turtles cheer everyone up. They only take an hour to make, so I might make him a friend at some point. The more eagle eyed of you out there might notice that PT is wearing an orange and red cone hat exactly as the pigs and I did for their birthday last year. This is coincidental, don't worry I am not planning to photoshop him into the birthday pictures in an attempt to make it look like there were more guests than there were.

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