Monday, January 14, 2013

Vinegar cake and unicorn poop

I made a practise vinegar cake, and as promised by generations of the Cooper family it was very nice. Also, I wanted to play with my Wilton cake decorating tools that I got for Christnas, so - pretties on the top! They aren't advanced or anything, but it is a start.


You can't really see the embossed band of pink along the bottom, but it wasn't very exciting.

And, because what blog entry is complete without me mentioning poop - unicorn droppings. It was supposed to have sparklies and stars etc on it to make it extra unicorny, but I didn't want to go silly. I'm going to call this rainicorn, or nyan cat poop.

I wonder if animals can use the bristol stool chart or if they have their own.

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