Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tom the Troll

Named after a bloke that someone knew that looked a bit like him, Tom the Troll just kept getting bigger and bigger, and now at a rather hideous 1.6 feet tall, I am not sure quite what to do with him!

The reason behind the existence of Tom is long and convoluted but the short version is that I wanted to try making something with a wire armature to support the clay face. I think in future I will steer clear of any 'soft sculptures' that need me to make a face, his lips freak me out.

And as I write this I can both see him in front of me *and* full size a foot away from me. I hope he is a benevolent troll...
 Just chilling in the garden.

Thousand yard stare. Trolls have a lot on their plate, they can't always be paying attention to you, you know.

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