Saturday, April 6, 2013

Portal tissues, minion and hamster keyrings and some whimsical frippery of the most fripperous order

A Portal companion cube tissue box cover.
For no tissue, toilet paper or general absorbancy-related product in my house shall be on show

I will hold my hands up to being a bit slap dash when it comes to sewing, edges meet up 'close enough' and the concerpt of seam allowance is alien to me. But to make sure I got this totally square and neat I measured everything and even used large numbers of pins. Little bit proud.

A cute little hamster. Just because

This little fella didn't work out right. I need to make the yellow part larger. I don't have much yellow fleece left (but plenty for this) so I was scrimping - talk about your false economies!

Sometimes, I just like to make fig leaves. Actually, this was a request, and there was sort-of logic behind it. I've spent a lot of time trying to work out which angle the fig should be at after someone said it should be stalk pointing upwards (no giggling at the back) but there appears to be no strong leaning towards that in art.

Dang I should dust my mirror.

On the under side.

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