Friday, August 16, 2013

Felt Fob Friday - A power up star and some fluff

Someone on the internet pointed out real life should be like Mario, you get power up stars when you need them the most and when you are doing really well and winning at life they are few and far between. Sadly this is not how it happens.

The keyring didn't seem worthy enough to be a post on its own, so here's a purple fluffy keyring I made - it is terribly cute. The material is from some left overs from the mome rath outfit. He's got a little bobble nose!

Speaking of which I have finally got round to taking a photo of that. I did have a sign that I hung round my neck saying don't step on the mome raths in flowery writing, but that is down the pub now, so just imagine me wearing it.
Best news about this is that now I feel I can justify taking this outfit apart and reusing the material for all sorts of fun things. Perhaps more dragons and cthulhus may be in the mix!

For anyone not sure these are the mome raths. Obviously I went for a rough feel, rather than spot on representation of them. The most important part of the costume was my outgrabing.

The fur on the hood of this bad boy is 15cm long! It is so soft and floompfy. I wanted to show you how it sways and ripples at every movement, very much like long grass dancing on the breeze. It really is quite lovely.
This video ... really doesn't do it justice. I probably should have been slower and more gentle in my movement. It makes me laugh though.

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