Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Baby dragon puppet and a cake.

I made a brake cable dragon! He sits on your shoulder and nods. I did read a little description on the principle of brake cable puppets but when it came to actually making him I pretty much played it by ear. With some success, but plenty of learning curves as well.
He has sparkly eyes and a teddy bear nose. And he is impossibly soft.

Excuse the shockingly poor video, I was holding my camera out to video myself *and* working the puppet at the same time. I guess it proves how easy it is to do, although it probably would have been better for me to enlist the help of someone for either videoing or puppeteering.

Baby dragon gets ready to pounce. Looking at it I think he needs more spikes. Perhaps they will come as he grows up...

 And a dragon cake. Because why the hell not?!

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