Monday, May 4, 2015

With you, may the fourth be.

I had a super busy weekend planned this bank holiday (some of the things actually didn't happen in the end which was probably, in retrospect, not a bad thing). This afternoon I'm off to one of the rare Stretham Old Engine open days because my life is just that exciting. But at the same time I received the package of felting needles that I'd recently ordered off the internet. I got a standard felting tool (previously I'd been using the pen tool by Clover. My new one is SO MUCH BETTER!) but also a selection of more specialised needles for fancy work such as little faces.
So what is a girl to do, watch engineers having mini geekgasms over old engines or play with her new toys? Well I'm here to tell you that the new clover tool is so nifty that this little Yoda was done in an evening. It goes without saying that this changes everything!

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