Sunday, September 20, 2015

Penguin Army!

Penguins of the North!

This guy only heard quite recently that it was a fancy dress kind of a penguin army so his costume is a bit half-arsed. You know how it goes.

Fluffy tail. He did at least manage a fluffy tail.

Oh which reminds me, I was at work on Thursday contemplating journals when it suddenly hit me. Little Bumble dude would definitely have strap on wings. So here's some, made from fantasy film

I really like cthulhu chap but it is hard to work out in this picture what is going on. He has strap on wings and a hat with laplander flaps and tentacles on the brim. I was possibly a bit ambitious...

 Does this help?

Wings and flaps!

This guy won't be in the Army for long, he is going to a friend who needs something to smile about.
My way of cheering people up is giving them penguins in polar bear all-in-onesies.
 From the top...

Not since jerk calf baited the ducks into all out warfare has there been a battle of such immensity as that which is currently being played out on my dining table.
Sad dragon is a little worried that he is going to have to fight that gryphon. He wants to fly away but he remains, faithful to Yoda.

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