Friday, November 20, 2015

A spheniscine post

I suddenly realised that I agreed to do a craft fair at work at the start of December and I don't have that much stuff to sell (actually, I've got craploads, but I'm not sure there are that many people at CUP who would appreciate a Silver Tom doll, or a Cabin the Woods activity book)

So - I thought - to the penguinmobile!

This little chap is all ready for Christmas. I tried a different technique with his flippers and I like them better.

 The general of the penguin army was all: what's wrong with you boy? We don't want no flower loving hippies here.
Carmen Miranda penguin:  Aaaw. Please?
General: Nah, just joking! Waddle on over and meet the guys!

Not a penguin! Because sometimes I do things that aren't penguins.

Look at his iddy biddy little tail!
 Yoda is uncomfortable in this penguinery and seriously considering his life choices.
Oh and cthulhu penguin is saying goodbye today, he's off to start a new life in Norwich.

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