Sunday, December 4, 2016

Needle felted ladies

Gosh, I have been very lazy on my blog, haven't I? I have done a few things but haven't been able to post them for Christmassy reasons.

Here's the lantern I made for mum's 60th birthday. Tinkerbell is flying against the glass, trying to escape from Hook.

I got some rice lights, drilled a hole in the base  and threaded them through to the top leaving the batteries in a recess underneath. (I'm proud of that, most of my crafts don't use a drill!)

 Close up of her face before the entrapment

I also made the parents a hamper for Christmas, of jams and chutneys and whatnot. This here is a little orchid gnome that I added.

 She doesn't move much, a mushroom grew on her.
Pretty hair although I think she needs a trim. She is mounted on a seed marker so you can anchor her in the soil of the orchid pot.
That's all for now - more to follow later!

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