Saturday, December 10, 2016

Geeky boudoir! (firefly bedroom)

So I bought my first house a year ago and it is very magnolia. I've been thinking about how to add my personal touch to it. Sitting on the train on the way back from ComicCon this year it hit my all of a sudden. Firefly boudoir!

Here's the main wall. That's the whole damn 'verse. The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that one of the planets is in slightly the wrong place. (Hint: it is Bellerophon.)
The grids are actually painted glow in the dark and are gorram awesome, but apparently either I or my camera is incapable of capturing this for you.

 Click through to see many more pictures of awesome!

Let's take a closer look at that Chinese rice paper cabinet shall we? There's a hidden cubby in the top for my alarm clock, phone etc, that opens onto the bed.

A carpenter friend, Derek, made the cabinet and I painted the rice paper. I love my bedside lamp, and one day I might get round to adding a couple of blue hand prints on one of the other sides. 

The other side of the bed is the Independents zone. I painted my old cheap mdf cabinet, and gave it some special knobs.  

I won't bore you with all of the planets as there's a lot (I know, I painted them all!), but here's couple of close ups of the wall including the nebulae

 Top right. Painting nebulae is fun, as is spattering stars. Although the latter certainly can get messy.


And while we are facing in this direction, here is my serenity clock, hidden near the Blue Sun lamp. Fun fact: I bought this shortly after moving into my previous house, a couple of weeks later I was informed by the locals that it had been a brothel two years earlier. If anyone had turned up, drawn by the red light, I would have informed them that my gals is clean and kind spirited but, perhaps luckily, no one did.

Join me, if you will, in turning around to the other wall now.

That's just gold paint but I love how it glows so well

Can you spot the easter egg?! (Hint: he's no good to me dead)
By the way, there's obviously incense as well as candles, but the smoke was ruining the picture.

Can we just take a minute here to admire this beautiful Chinese cabinet I bought?

I was going for an 'Inara's shuttle' vibe, I think this is the sort of lamp shade she would have.

Finally, here's a video. Including a pine door that I really should upholster in gold velvet or chinese silk or something but I worried that might be going too far. Yes, *that* was where I drew the line. That was the point I thought: I would hate to go over the top here...

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  1. That is so incredibly amazing, I love how you found such an awesome design and made your bedroom so you. I really want to see it (for non-innuendo reasons :))