Monday, April 16, 2012

The Veebeam Chair

I really can't decide whether it is better for me to explain what the hell this is and why it exists, or whether I should just put the pictures out there and leave you guessing.

Ok, this is a birthday present for a very dear friend. It is loosely based on the Veebeam doodad (pictures here) which apparently within hours of release was being dubbed the lady saddle because of its shape. Said friend has something of a Benny Hill sense of humour in some matters, so he was delighted by the veebeam. So the idea of the present came from that. Making it into a seat was an attempt to make it more useful than a random plush rhomboid, and, well, it vibrated simply because I thought it would amuse him.

A side view, with the veebeam logo. You may be wondering how I made this into a chair. Well, the saddle itself is actually made around the skeleton base of an old bike saddle (bartered from Rocco's bikes in exchange for a cake in an egg), which is attached to a pole, which is attached to a sink plunger. The plunger does a very good job of keeping it steady on the floor, but sadly is not strong enough to keep the weight of the saddle upright when you aren't sitting on it. Maybe I should pop round Sally Ann's and see  if I can get an old desk chair with wheels.

This is a side view looking foward. The square lumpy bit at the front is the detachable usb sitck that the Veebeam comes with.
 Here's the USB sockety thingy on the back.

Being sat upon. My belly doesn't really go out as far as it looks like in this picture.See the USB stick poking out of the front? That, my friends, is detachable and contains the string for the motor which is safely esconced in the saddle itself.

But wait! There's more!
This is the front of the Veebeam, with the USB stick removed. No comments.

And finally, a short video to show you it being used, complete with seat wiggle and vibro action. But I seriously suggest you don't watch it because it makes the thing look a whole lot more filthier than even I had ever intended.

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