Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Collection of Kindle covers [pt 2]

I waited through three quarters of a 12 hour delivery slot. I got bored.

I remember seeing this with Matt and snorting milk out of my nose with laughter at the Elvis Presley/gramophone scene in Lilo & Stitch. Must get around to watching that again. The inside of the cover is turquoise blue.

A red shirt kindle case with an 'expendable' velcro fastener.
So proud of myself was I about the joke I made up (what's the difference between a red shirt and Kirk's waistband?) that the first time I did this, I accidentally wrote expandable by mistake.
Come for the kindles, stay for the anecdotes.

Here's one I did last week. The lighting on this photo is weird. The blue writing at the bottom isn't really neon.

And wait! Don't go away! Here's a little something else I made at the weekend, in between creaming things. It is a plushie fish, see?

But turn it inside out and you got a little sushi plushie. Neat, huh? (Idea from here

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