Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pop's beer-pop beer

(EDITED - I removed the action picture, after it was pointed out to me that it looked like I was being rather rude with the bottle, which was not my intention! [blush] )

First off, I should say that I despise 'cake pops' and people who make them with the sort of passion I usually reserve for Lurpak eaters (I'm still trying to get the Daily Mail to back up my Lurpak register. Name and shame people! Name and shame)

Which means I really have no explanation for what I am about to show you.

In honour of (but not destined for) the Elm Tree's beer and cake event, I have made beer pop beer. That is, a pop cake made of chocolate and stout in the shape of beer. To be precise the "classic, strong golden beer", Duvel.

Well, I say I made one, I actually made 16 15 (I tried to take a picture of me holding three and dropped one). You can only see one in this picture because old genius brain here didn't think to buy anything to stick the poles in, so they are all just leaning on their sides at the moment. Rest assured they all look pretty much the same.

Background photo courtesy of Rob Wain

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