Thursday, June 21, 2012

A pair of Firefly wedding cushions

My lovely friends Jack and Rachel got married and due to my useless body, I couldn't make it. So I wanted to give them a good present. The present list asked for something which:

a) was shiny
b) made them think of me (the writing didn't come out too clearly, but it says: Love, Poppy)

or c) was handmade

I may have thought about this too much, but when you hold the pillows face to face Wash and Zoe smooch as do Mal and Inara.

Here's the back of the boys' pillow. The back of the girls' I forgot to photo but it is the firefly logo, much the same as this one.

Want to see all those little panels close up? I'll just bet you do.

Please bear in mind that felt appears to be one of the hardest surfaces to photograph known to man.

When I die, I will know that I have done something worthwhile to change the world. I got the Keep Calm and Carry Vera poster put up at the Dev!

Leaf on the wind. One of the saddest phrases known to mankind.

Our love for him now aint hard to explain. As an aside, if I went out with Adam Baldwin, I would forever be sticking duct tape to his stomach, just so I could pull it off and see the owie face when it hurts. That face is the best. Our relationship probably wouldn't last long.

Oooh, grampa...strawberries

River is kicking some arse.

Mine is an evil laugh

The woman lays a wreath upon her intended which represents his sovereignty. And he drinks of her wine. And then there's a dance, with a joining of hands. The marriage ceremony of the Triumph settlers. You, sir, are a newlywed

Before you say anything, not a direct quote. And again, dark felt don't photo so good.

Amazing we kept him this long.
 Burst into song everyone.(sparkly black felt)

Again, not another direct quote. So bite me.

Quick! Look away, before you get all crazy and corpsifying.

OK. That's all just the back of one. Want to see the fronts? Did I apologise for the lengthy post by the way?

The Girls

Kaylee didn't go quite right.

Inara is looking sad. I think she just had a fight with Mal.

 Slightly crazy eyes.

River about to kick some alliance arse.
"Eta Kooram Nah Smech!"
*falls asleep*

 The Boys

Her legs, and right where her legs... meet her back. Tha— actually, that whole area. That, and... and above it.
So basically everything but her feet?

His eyes look baggier in this picture than they did in real life (real life felt, rather than real life Mal. Although that too)

Everyone should believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.
Mal and Jayne I could felt all day long, they are fun to do.

That's it! Thanks for looking and apologies for doing two firefly cushion projects in such a short time.

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