Thursday, October 10, 2013

A gormless looking rabbit

A throwaway bit of stuff also made at the parents' house, this little bunny has tiny t-rex arms.
And giant bunny feet when he sits down.

Bunny heart cutie mark. Putting him against the wall and snapping his branded arse, I felt .. kind of dirty.


Trouble in dragon world! Mum and dad dragon are hanging out with their baby when a friend of the family turns up to say hi. Dad can't help but notice the remarkably similar colourings between his friend and his son. Suspicion is cast, like an abandoned handkerchief.

Look at that face, how could anyone mistrust him?
(This is a full sized green and red dragon requested by someone at work. Probably best that he is leaving the house, I think he has caused enough trouble as it is)

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