Saturday, September 28, 2013

A whole family of dragons!

So, after finishing Wotsit I realised I had enjoyed myself far too much to stop. Felting is really addictive! So when I went to visit my parents last weekend I took some felt and my needles and pootled away at it in the evenings while we chatted. And now I have a little family.

Look at Wotsit and Doofer gazing fondly at their little baby dragon!

Baby dragon..

 Don't you just love it when they are at that toddling stage?

And here is daddy in all his splendour. Note he has side nostrils, one of the easiest ways to tell if your dragon is a boy or girl.

I love his ears.The trim on his wings is velvet, and the ears are made of the same velvet on the outside, and the dark green cotton on the inside.

Oh male dragons also have more pronounced paw markings than their lady counterparts, but usually you will only find that out if you are being trampled by one of them.

 I truly am a khaleesi now!

Just chilling out on a chinese jewellery box..

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