Sunday, March 23, 2014

R2D2 and C3PO cushion

I found an immense amount of black fleece in the back of my airing cupboard which, though I obviously bought for a reason, said reason has since been lost to the mists of time.
And I still needed to do something with that second pillow that I mentioned a while back, the sister to the wampa cushion.

Not the cushions you are looking for. It is currently raining so cuddling up on that sofa with the minky soft fleece and fluffy pillows and watching Star Wars seems like an eminently sensible plan for the afternoon.

Plus, here is a bonus picture - quidditch cupcakes for Sports Relief. Not that I have read Harry Potter, it just seemed the thing to do.

The snitches are made of ferrero rocher (I peeled all the chocolate off. AND ATE IT!) sprayed with gold lustre and the wings from rice paper, also sprayed gold - although it isn't too obvious in this picture.

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