Saturday, March 15, 2014

Space Bat Memorial flying bat

From Wikipedia: In 1990 NASA launched space shuttle mission STS119 to the International Space Shuttle. During countdown a bat was seen to be resting on the external tank. NASA had believed the bat would fly off once the shuttle started to launch, but it did not, and it was probably shaken off and incinerated by the rocket exhaust. A bat doctor believed the bat had a broken wing which made it unable to fly off.
 There are *bat doctors*!!

Why am I telling you this? Here is what the wikipedia entry *should* have said:
Bereft of his ability to fly and with nowhere to go, a courageous bat climbed aboard our Discovery with stars in his weak little eyes. The launch commenced, and Spacebat trembled as his frail mammalian body was gently pushed skyward. For the last time, he felt the primal joy of flight; for the first, the indescribable feeling of ascending toward his dream—a place far away from piercing screeches and crowded caves, stretching forever into fathomless blackness.
Whether he was consumed in the exhaust flames or frozen solid in the stratosphere is of no concern. We know that Spacebat died, but his dream will live on in all of us.
Got a little something in your eye there??

God speed little star struck bat.

The head fur was trimmed to show the shape of his face, the body I left long with the black tinged ends, I am rather pleased with it.

Just hanging out in my window.

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