Friday, March 14, 2014

Veronica Mars teddy bear

It is Veronica Mars day!!!! I now have the complete script from my Kickstarter reward, hours before I can watch the move. Not reading it is killing me.

Not even this chilled out teddy bear can help.

 What does a teddy bear have to do with the Nancy Drew of Neptune, you ask (if you don't know your VM very well)...

 Erstwhile enemies, now secret love bunnies from Season one: 
Veronica - Do you think this thing... will ever get more normal?
Logan - What, like, will we ever hang out at the mall, or hold hands and buy each other teddy bears that say 'I wuv you beary much'?
Veronica - Yes. Exactly that. Except I want my bear won through some sort of demonstration of ring tossing ability.

It was either a teddy bear or a unicorn. What girl doesn't love unicorns?

Love-belly teddy looks sad that he is not a unicorn.

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