Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Needle felted bishop fish

Someone asked me, a while back, if I could make a sea bishop (which looks a little something like this by the way). I didn't really give it much thought until over Easter when I finally ate the last of the Hallowe'en chocolate I bought (which was a silly purchase really, as I wasn't even at home on the evening.) The net bagging that the chocolate came in - strawberry and white chocolate eyeballs, they were disgusting - struck me as looking much like scales when pulled tight so I dug out some scraps of roving that I'd dyed and here you go!

Here's his ... dorsal cape?
This was actually the first time I'd ever done wet felting, so that was pretty exciting. Bubble wrap and soapy water.

 Hug me! HUUUG ME!

He fit in quite nicely on the shelf of mythical beasts, but it's time for him to spread his fins and seek new pasture-waters.

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