Saturday, August 18, 2012

A birthday cake for the guinea pigs

These are on facebook as well, but hey, I think more websites should have a picture of a guinea pig in a hat on them.

In the category of "things I make" this fits in only the loosest sense of the word, but look - a genuine Poppy-crafted hat. As modelled by Blossom.

I probably could have secured them with elastic under the chin, but as this was a birthday party for them, I thought doing something for my amusement would be a bit unfair. 

Here is their birthday cake. Blended broccoli and red pepper, alternated with a layer of blended cucumber and celery, wrapped in a carrot 'icing' and topped with coriander sprinkles. Cucumber candle with a sweet potato flame.
Happy piggies.

Luring Mustard...

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