Monday, September 9, 2013

A heat dragon and a baby heat dragon

So, yet another dragon. Anyone notice how I keep saying "I'm currently working on three dragons"? Well, I keep having to make more so that number never seems to go down.
Well, that is at an end! As of yesterday there is one more on the go - that I'm super excited about - and then me and dragons are done (for a while at least)

I was asked to make another hot dragon for someone, so here she is.

I say "she", as this dragon has a baby.  (And yes, I know it could be a single dad and all that, but dragons aren't so good at that, boy dragons are mostly too busy hoarding treasure)

Okay, the lighting isn't too good on this one, but I was taking pictures in a rush.
The story behind this is the person for whom I was making the neck dragon wondered if it would be possible to modify it to make it suitable to be wrapped around the knee as well. But the neck heat pack is quite big and, I thought would be too heavy for a knee, so I made a little mini one for the occasion, seeing as I had spare material left and all.

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