Monday, September 16, 2013

Wire armature soft sculpture dragon

I'm so proud of this little lady! I've been trying to do wire armature for a while now, believe it or not Tom the troll was my first attempt, and then a poorly executed stoned dragon before I finally realised something that I knew but I hadn't realised that I knew - namely that it works best needle felted (and that I should never again try and make faces from clay!)

So yeah,  she has wire in her body making her fully poseable. I wish I could do her justice with my poor camera abilities, but still think it looks pretty cool (if you will excuse a little big-headedness)

Please can I have a virgin to gnaw on? Pweease?

Playful dragon is playful

It may have started to become apparent to you but it would seem I subconsciously made her very dog like. In this pose she has just done something naughty and knows she is about to get told off. 
She has little red cheeks that haven't shown up that well in the photos but you can see them here.

Bum up in the air she is having a big yawn and a stretch here

Check out those needle sculpted eyebrows!

Ready for bed, with curled up tail and close furled wings.
Look at the little sculpted toesies! So happy with them!

By coaxing her onto her back with the promise of belly tickles, I managed to get this shot of her stomach.

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