Monday, September 2, 2013

Another cuddly dragon

I have three more dragons on the go (in varying media) but I decided against waiting until I'd finished them all to do one dragon-heavy post and post this little chap now. This is basically the same design as Dilly the dragon but I like this one more. I like that the material used for inside the wings/ears holds its shape better than Dilly's. I bought a cushion last year, reduced to £2.50 because it had a slight mark on it. The cushion pad alone would normally have cost £4 or £5 plus I got a small amount of lovely material, sort of micro-suede. It feels nice to touch. I used that for the inside wings.

So here is Rhaegel, or Puff, or... perhaps I will let his new owner name him. (Falcor would also work)

 As usual, the fur was way too long for what I needed so I spent most of the weekend trimming it. I have fluff everywhere. Still, at least it is masking the purple fluff all over my clothes.

Actually, all the time I spent making him I was watching Due South (yey!) so I think if he was mine I would probably call him Diefenbaker.

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