Friday, October 12, 2012

New look

I was disappointed (but not that surprised) to learn that there is a lady called Poppy on blogger who had the exact same layout as me (I suppose Poppys using poppies aren't that original) and made cool geeky things for sale. Including the exact same thing I was cruising the internet for while getting ideas for making it for myself (syntax?) FYI - mine will be better.

So, new look! Not too exciting but at least now I'm mediocre but *original*.

Well, I have been busy of late making a lady rainicorn draught excluder (actually for myself!), a fluffy cushion and a couple of other little things, but mostly thinking about pumpkins and costumes. Next week I should hopefully be busy getting half-made things out of the way, and feeling more ready for Samhain.

That's about all, but so as not to have dragged you all the over here without some pretties to look at, have a couple of random pictures I found on my work computer.

Here's a mille feuille I made for a Neil-meal zonks ago. If I was a good photographer, I reckon I could have made that look gorgeous.

And a picture of a free range Mustard scampering across the floor
...scamper scuttle...

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