Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another assortment of hats

I can't believe it has been nigh on a month since last I posted. It doesn't feel like I've been twiddling my thumbs doing nothing. Perhaps I was just too excited about seeing penguins and going to the Browncoats' Shindig. Anyway, I could claim that I have been making these for the past month but I actually only started them all last week. There are two more to come* but I wanted to post something now and they aren't ready. Plus they are a bit... different so probably deserve a post of their own. Maybe even this evening.

Anyway, make the most of these, as I think I may be done with hats for a while after this batch. I feel my coke cans and pumpkins calling me.

Princess Bubblegum has short hair here, young Peebles perhaps? Either way I just thought this would be cool in that it has built in ear flaps. If I was to make another one I would obviously make a shorter crown. Not sure why I thought it needed to be quite so tall!
(Also - just noticed I left a needle in her jewel. That isn't part of it really!)

I've seen a few Finn hats** floating around the internet. But with all of them, the bottom strap went under the chin. I suppose that would probably be accurate if Finn were a real human, but I wanted to get that block-head sort of look, I mean you can't really see his chin in the cartoon if he looks sideways.

Many of you will have already seen me around sporting these two little puffs of nonsense.
The first is a minion from Despicable Me. A film I really must get round to watching some time. And of course, the second is a bird who is angry, he is a character in some game or other.


* three actually, I also made a Cartman hat but it wasn't very exciting and is with the recipient now, perhaps you will get to see it if said person gets proper Cartmanned-up - possibly for Hallowe'en.

***The owners of Whimsical Frippery accept no responsibility for the appearance of any long golden tresses whilst wearing this or any other hat featured on aforementioned website. 

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