Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boba Felt and Kermit the Fett

The main reason I bought all that fleece back in June was to make hats and from the very beginning I knew I would have to make a Boba Fett balaclava.

so, here you go; Boba Felt.

(The black is see-through to the wearer, being made of a couple of layers of black netting. In the next picture I used a flash, so you see where my face is)

And because it had taken so long to get round to making him, I pushed out the boat and made two. Here is the second one. But I wanted to be a bit different, so, I give you... Boba Frog. You know, if under the mask it was atually Kermit. And the good new is I can wear it with my Kermit outfit - you know - if so I wish!!