Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday hats

I decided to make people wear my hats on my birthday [foot stamp - I'm the birthday girl, you *have* to wear this ridiculous hat].

But then... you know, the panic. What if there aren't enough?? What if people leave the pub thinking "hmm... ok evening, but I COULD HAVE DONE WITH MORE POMPOMS?!"
So, I made a couple more.

(Pictures of hats in action here)

There have many discussions as to whether to sew the mask into place so that it can't be pulled down. I'm thinking I will. I may even add eyes.

Same thing we do every night...

Red fraggle. The most annoying of all fraggles. With the possible exception of mooki. That bloody sack-wearing hippy fraggle - I could totally take a pair of scissors to her stitching!

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