Thursday, May 2, 2013

All the Mikes and some hats

So, here it is. The maxi mini Mike hat.
To clarify:
Mike = Mike Actual
Mini mike = finger puppet mike
Maxi Mini mike = Massive finger puppet mike as hat for Mike Actual.

Mini mike came first, made last year, and I am not sure of the exact moment when I decided Mike actual needed an oversized hand hat - it feels like I have always wanted to make it, but whenever it came about - here it is.

Brim is a bit twisted here, but you get the idea. What amused me was that Mike was terribly upset that both he and mini mike had a beer (see the guinness in his hand) and maxi mini didn't. We decided if he got drunk he had the furthest to fall.

Now, I made this pretty quickly the night before the hat competition, and I winged it somewhat, so it is far from perfect, eyes too big, ears too small. But this is a Doctor Whoovesesque 11th. Next time I am going to do it properly with the right material etc and make a Tom Baker MLP hat.
Poppy's pro tip: don't wear a Dr Whooves hat in the company of numerous bronies.

Hourglass cutie mark.

And, you've seen it before, but as it won second prize (jointly with maxi mini mike) you'll jolly well see it again.

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