Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some sewn animals for my 100th post

Believe it or not, I actually bought a pattern for this little fella - I never buy patterns usually but the finished results looked so good. And I wouldn't like to say anything negative about the shop because the lady seemed sweet, but I can't help but thinking his bum is too small, ears too big...

...and the claim that he is life-sized is... intriguing.

 I originally wanted to make a fake guinea pig so that I could dress it up, deeming that to be less sad than making clothes to dress up my real pigs in. Jury is still out on the relative sadnesses.

Nevertheless - had to be done...

A giant fake guinea pig dressed as a bee.

And then there's this little penguin


 And finally this wire armature dragon. It looks really bad in the photos because I am not very good at taking pictures of small painted things. In real life it is still pretty flawed but in different ways. Which is annoying.
His arms and legs are wired and thus posable, as are the wings.

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