Friday, March 16, 2012

Day Sixteen - Cheese platter and macaroni cheese.

Today is a bit of a rest day. The pictures below are from a cheese platter I did a few weeks ago. The butter was homemade, as was the bread. Accompanying the cheese was caramelised red onion and port chutney and coleslaw (both also homemade, of course!) With - obviously - a little mouse garnish

The cheeses were applewood, gouda, emmantal, brie, stilton and a strong cheddar. The leftovers, of which there was a lot were frozen (don't freeze your cheese unless you don't mind losing the texture) and I made a lovely macaroni cheese for today. With a buttery garlic bread (the bread was bought, but the garlic filling wasn't). I used Heston's cheese sauce recipe, if anyone is interested, which uses wine and stock for the base and cornflour for the thickener. It is nice.

So, this one isn't so photogenic or make-y and was more for my benefit than yours but, hey, I'm not your dancing monkey to perform on command.

Trivia: homemade butter is right fun to make!

Check out this cute little fella, he has his own little wedge of cheese.

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