Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day Ten - Serenity cake. Plus, bonus!

Firstly, I made this this morning, and I was so tired of it by the time I finished, that I have only just got round to taking photos. This was a shame as the characters sort of sagged a bit. So they all look a bit fatter than they should. Dagnammit.

Secondly, sorry for the length -apparently blogger frowns upon cuts.

Serenity logo topper!

Kaylee, with her recruitment umbrella. She had a more slender neck this morning. Should have let the icing dry longer. 
 Wash, also from the first episode, with the clothes he was wearing in the curse you scene. I am sorry to say that the dinosaur he is holding is not kosher. Turns out I am no good at making 3mm triceratopsees. Shame the photo doesn't show the detail of the dinosaur. Wash looks a bit like he may have eaten too many pies.

This photo makes Mal look bald, but if you see it in real life he looks like he has a full head of har.

Blue sun shirt. Had to be done. Also: man walks down the street in that hat people know he's not afraid of anything.

Oh dear Zoe, what did I do to you? I am so sorry.

I had some spare icing.

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